Artful Living

do more

Appreciation and expectation can go hand a hand. Paying someone an appreciative compliment for meeting one’s expectations produces a desire to do better and to feel valued. Lack of appreciation and lack of expectation will also produce less than results and send one on an emotional roller coaster ride.   I often feel we are living in a world that allows our expectations to not be met as we strive for living with an “ok” kind of standard.   Do your actions communicate  a “do more” person or a “less than”  outcome.  There really is a direct correlation when we give less, we get less.  Take the time to put raise your level of appreciation and you will see the rewards.  My Father told me that my children would be my greatest reward when I left my full time career to focus on being a stay-at-home Mom and he was right.


It can be as simple as setting your own expectations for a lovely start and finish.  I spotted this lovely table setting and thought how it exudes and air of artful appreciation.  Imagine setting your table for those you love and showing how much you appreciate them.  It truly can be a game changer.  Take time to invest in what you appreciate.  Notice how your expectations will exceed your wildest dreams.  It’s work but so worth it.