Artful Living


So excited to pick up these cards from my printer this morning and to share them with each of you. Many of you know me as “PvE” for my design and artwork and then some of you may have noticed that I have added another business which is India Hicks. I love creating artwork and then inspiring others to build a business on their own terms. Do you have something you love and want to set aside time to grow your entrepreneurial spirit. Each of us has talents and skills to share and to connect with one another. If you would like to learn more about creating a business, let me know. You might have a little time or a lot to devote to creating your own business. Each of us has our own stories to share and to inspire one another. Thank-you to each of you for always encouraging me with such incredible support. I also, love being here for my family and to run our home. It’s all about finding the right blend.

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