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Did you ever notice how one little change can be the change that makes it all add up? Well, many of you are watching and I know you see that I have added a change to my life. I joined the India Hicks family as a Style Ambassador. I traveled to Durham, NC two weekends ago for the India Hicks Great Get Together. Firstly, I really never thought I would make it there but I did. I went. I met so many wonderful people and came home feeling totally energized.
India Hicks and PvE796

I did not hesitate to join India Hicks and meeting her in person confirmed that she truly is all about inspiring change and motivating others to be the change. As the new school year begins, let each of us take action to make a difference in someone’s day, someone’s life. It might be sharing kindness or just listening. I am hosting an India Hicks “Elevenses” in a few weeks and would love to share with each of you how just hosting a few women you admire can be the start of something extraordinary. Sign on and I will be giving you not only an extraordinary experience, but an opportunity that will certainly create new meaning to your life. The first one to sign on, I will be giving you this fun Coin purse as a symbol of change, loose change. Did I mention, India is very witty, so you will also be adding humor to your life. I am brushing up on my arm wrestling skills and motivated to make it to Miami in January which seems like a good idea since the forecast calls for a brutal Winter. Here is my India Hicks site which you also get your very own replicated site when you join along with a back office and a support team.

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