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sip and shop

Summer seems synonymous with sipping, shopping and socializing. It’s a time of togetherness. Did you know that I have joined the India Hicks tribe and love to share the line with you and invite you to host a wee get together with friends, family and even enemies. You’d be surprised at how people are naturally social beings and love getting together to try to remember the last time they were together, right? Add a little refreshments, be they, coffee, tea or perhaps something a bit stronger, a few tasty treats – and then share the India Hicks amazing goodies which is a manageable as it is lucky, and adds a bond or creating and boosting one’s spirits. The products ship directly to you or the lucky recipient and the rest is pretty simple. The host earns rewards toward goodies.
On a hot Summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than gathering and sharing a chilled beverage. Let me know if you would like to know more about the India Hicks line or my art. I am a Mom, a woman, and I love to multi-task. Can you sip and shop at the same time. It can be done. Did I mention that when you join the India Hicks family, not only do you get great product but a stunning replicated web site, a back office and a team of encouraging style ambassadors. Want to learn more?

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