Artful Living

full of life

PvE-JMcL Happy print626When one feels energy, they feel full of life. That vitality changes the way one sees about everything and it flows to open up and radiate such excitement. This is a painting inspired by a print on the J.McLaughlin line. J.McLaughlin has been a long standing client and they just launched a brand new site. I began working free-lance for them when there were only three shops. Now there are nearly one hundred stores. Witnessing the growth of a brand grow while remaining true to core values and the customer is electric. Last week, I was shopping in the Bronxville location and a customer came in carrying a needlepoint bag that she had stitched. It was so full of life that it inspired me to get busy and needlepoint again. I could feel her joy and energy.
peter-pilotto-spring-2015-rtw-01Spotted these dresses that seem to glow by Peter Pilotto and thought how full of life they are! I look at them and feel young at heart and playful. My daughter went to two sweet sixteen parties to attend and had so much fun.   She was so excited to share good times with her friends. Parties create energy and celebrate life.  How do you create playfulness in your life?  For some it might be a signature color or a game or a walk around the corner!  Remember to play!  Embrace life!
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