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PvE Design -botanical516Last Spring, I had the pleasure of meeting Fran of Green Street Blog and her little girl E in a lovely park where I played as a child in Kentucky. We quickly discovered from our blogs that we shared many interests and one was a love for nature and bringing that indoors. Fran had posted her lovely entryway in her home as she slowly has been transforming her home with her soft touch.  She created a lovely mood board and I decided to create this botanical illustration for her in hopes that she might hang it in her foyer. I love knowing that my art finds it’s way back home to Kentucky where I was born and raised.
I often imagine myself living in the 17th Century and “botanizing” by studying and illustrating nature. I shall be adding this print to my etsy shop this week. It is printed on the loveliest watercolor paper. Let me know what sort of prints you might like to come home to?

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