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sharing the paleo way

PvE - Paleo slaw-photoDelighted to share with you the Paleo way. I do not want to use the word “diet” to scare anyone away. I much prefer to think of the Paleo way as a lifestyle. Earlier this month, twenty days ago to be exact, I was released from a five day hospital stay. I suffered from severe abdominal pain and at first I thought it was my appendix. It was a scary few days of tests and waiting for results. After coming home, I shared with a friend my interest in trying the Paleo way and the very next day she delivered a wonderful book, “Practical Paleo” which happened to be in the library where she works. I love the book and the Paleo way. The recipes are easy and tasty.Paleo-Diet-Overview-700x905
I printed out a Paleo matrix from Practical Paleo and an easy guide to the Paleo Diet. Some of you may think that eliminating these things is hard, but let me tell you the benefits are the amazing results.20110705-095106
I would be happy to answer any questions if you are interested in trying the Paleo Diet. I also have been adding a little animal print to my wardrobe which is also in keeping with the Paleo way. Any of you ever try Paleo? Love this recent article from The New York Times on the 10 step Paleo immersion , here.

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