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monday motivation – better together

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Some things are just meant to be together. Last week, my Mother passed on to join my Father. A mere 40 days apart, from my Father’s passing and now my parents are back together. I take comfort in knowing they are at rest. It was an honor to write and read The Eulogy at the Funeral Mass at Holy Spirit Church where I was married nearly 27 years ago. Many friends asked, “What happened, was your Mother ill?” The Doctor said, if she had to give it a diagnoses, it would be “brokenhearted.”

It was so great to hear stories from family and friends about the fun times they had with my Mother and Father. A dear elderly lady told me “Your parents were meant to be together, they are better together.” I take comfort in such endearing words. I thank each of my sisters and brothers for all the support provided to one another and for our parents safe voyage. My sister, Liz – read the Eulogy she wrote for our Mother at the Visitation and it was about the Voyage of our Mom’s life. I shall cherish the memories and hold tight to the love of my Mom and Dad being together. Thank-you to each of you for your kind and comforting words.

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