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Summertime sadness


My Father passed away last week and memories of my Father, Dad and “Grandpa” are filling my mind and my heart. He was 87, and had an excellent life but it is still so sad to say good-bye.  There really never is a good time and one is never prepared.

“Summertime sadness” keeps playing in my head.  We hold fast to the memories and stories shared of his life.  My Father loved seersucker and wore it often.  He always had a “handkerchief” in his pocket and a straw hat or cap on his head.  Caps made of seersucker or black-watch tartan plaid.

Thank-you to each of you for your cards, e-mails, flowers and kindness during this time of sadness.  My family and I were down in Louisville, Kentucky to attend the visitation, services and family gatherings were teary eyed tender moments.  It’s hard to let go of the one’s you love.  His 97 year old best friend was the first visitor which will always be a fond memory of a sad time.  Hold fast to those you love.


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