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smooth sailing

Hodgdon's Cafe Cruiser a Tripp design deck detail Boothbay, ME
Just making a quick stop here today to thank-you for letting me take a break from the blog and enjoy time with my family and friends. One son left for Ft.Knox Boot camp training and the other son is now working at his Summer Internship at a nearby Engineering Firm. In many ways, it feels good to know they are both finding their way and have unique experiences. My daughter is keeping busy with swim meets as well as meeting with friends. She is not yet old enough to work and I think that Summer should be a time to relax and recharge one’s batteries.

Taking time to slow down has been a great reminder for me to be more mindful of my own actions and to organize a few areas of my home plus complete some summer reading. I have always been inspired by time near the water, books and the colors of summer. Hope each of you are taking time to slow down and enjoy summer.
I’ll be posting again, but not with any real routine. Let me know if there is something you would like. For now, it’s smooth sailing for the month of July.

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