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Seriously, is there anything more tempting than that of a private gate or a sign that reads “Do not Disturb?”   Taking time off from the blog has sort of made me feel like I have gone behind some gate or undercover, sporting dark glasses and an Hermes foulard on my head.


























I must admit that seeing a sign that reads “private” on a gate or a road is tempting.  Do you ever take time out to spend time alone and in private.  Please tell me that is a yes.  It has become more challenging to find undisturbed time alone whereas in past generations, one could go missing fairly easy.  I remember as a child, I announced that I was running away and my Mother packed me a lunch.  Permission for private time is like taking a mini time out or vacation away from life and all the to do list.

























I thought this was a clever and cheeky idea . I think as a parent or newlywed, a “do not disturb” would make a great gift.   We all need personal chargers to plug in and feel like we are 100%, right?




















A sign like this for a man cave would be perfect for keeping out unwanted guests.
Tell me, do signs that read -“keep out” – “off limits” tempt you as much as they do I? I’ve been in sort of a private mode this summer and finding lots of joy in spending time to refuel my reserved side.

















I do hope that this post will serve as permission to take a little time out.  Go to a spot where no one knows your name or to a quiet garden and think about your secrets and feel charged and ready to take on the world.  It’s like opening a gate to another side of life.

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