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the best of the bunch

















I was raised one of seven and while I did not grow up on a farm, both my Mother and Father built a business based on “the best of the bunch.” They inspired and gathered bunches of good things, imparting bits of knowledge along the way. There is not a day that goes by without some sort of thanks to them for teaching me so many good tips for living well.
















Planting even the smallest plot or raised garden can yield bunches of healthy nourishment.

















Freshly picked bunches of soft buttery lettuce create such a lovely salad.











Creating wellness begins with taking a close look at identifying three areas, one’s nutrition, one’s mind as well as one’s body. All three areas need to compliment one another. If you are thinking well and good thoughts, then your decision to choose healthy food choices will in turn motivate you to move and be active. It’s simple.
1. Nourish, Choose good whole food, organic when available.
2. Move, Exercise for your heart and your mind. Walk, garden, find a class to go to or create a group to meet several times a week.
3. Mindful thinking creates positivity. Find time for quiet. Meditate. Think good thoughts.

For our Wellness Fair tomorrow at the Ardsley High School, we have the best of the bunch gathering together to share their passions for living well. In today’s culture, between all the pull of screen time and risky choices it is so important to learn that the best choices play a role in one’s well being.  We are very fortunate to have collaborated with Wainwright House, a center devoted to well-being.  We have teachers who will be sharing solutions to problem solving and identifying ways to tap into one’s creative mind and body.

We will begin with a Fair, set up like a Farmer’s Market and afterwards have a menu of two forty minute breakout sessions, which the students selected from;

Yoga, Beginning Meditation, Creative Dreaming, Art Journaling, Bullet Journaling, Tai Chi, Nia, Hobbies, Old School Games, Snack Chat, Organize your overwhelm, Turn Boredom into Energy and more.  A generous gift certificate for a one day healthy cleanse from Sakara Life will be raffled off.

I cannot wait to share the Wellness day with this bunch of young minds. After all they are our future. The seeds we plant today grow  tomorrow.  I love knowing we have the best of the bunch for these young minds.  Inspiring wellness creates positive energy.

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