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S-wellness Fair


Sweet samples of raw fruit and veggies were available at the Wellness Fair at the Raw Bar.  We had a hydration station with water, milk, an all natural carbonated drink and energy bars.  Around the


The WELLNESS Fair was so much fun yesterday. Just wanted to share a few photos from the fair which was in the High School Gym. It was an event which took months of planning.  It felt like planning a family reunion or a wedding.


There were many vendors and parents who graciously volunteer ed to share their passions for wellness. Little Croc Bakehouse shared samples of their vegan and gluten free baked goods.  There were many participants who gave of their time so generously.  It was amazing to see how the students mingled and roamed around the fair tasting and learning new things to cultivate their own personal awareness of healthy choices.  We had the smaller gym devoted to drug and alcohol prevention and some fun activities for all the students.  A drunk driving simulator machine and special glasses to walk the sobriety line.

Good feedback is already pouring in and I am so happy to hear that the students were happy with the fair and break-out sessions of Yoga, Tai Chi, Creative Dreaming, Beginning Meditation, Art Journaling, Bullet Journaling, Nia, Bollywood, Organizing, Energy tips,  Snack Chat and Hula-Hooping.

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