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tulips-pve photo A nearby neighbor came by for a glass of wine and some cheese on a school night. We had been trying to get together for some time and finally it actually happened. She came with these lovely tulips and I admired them each day after. We talked about our own work, our children, our husbands, neighbors and fashion. Navigating through life is not always a clear journey but having others nearby to reach out to gives such clarity. It was nice to share some of our concerns, our fears and our own desire to prioritize more time to find clarity.tulips - pve photo 2
A visit can do so much good to create connections and open up lines of communication and a circle of support. Do you make an effort to open up to invite friends into your home and take time to stop and sit? I find clarity in creating time for new and old friends. Invite a friend into your life, even if it is an hour on a school night.

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