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tips to inspire creativity

Thought I would share with you a few tips or ways to inspire your creativity to come alive.
1. Tidy up – Start with a clean slate, a clean counter or space to work.
2. Get fresh air – Open a window, take a break or a walk to clear your head.
3. Take a break – Breaks recharge our batteries. Go fishing and let the ideas come to you.
4. Use a timer – The excuse that you don’t have time will only prolong things, set a timer and face the clock.
5. Think like an inventor – come up with something new, try something different, experiment!
6. Make a gift – creativity is a gift to be shared
7. Write it down – this helps me to move forward or plan ahead.
8. Accept a custom order
9. Take a class – learn something new.
10. Seek out a fresh perspective
11. Go supply shopping – there is nothing like fresh supplies – a new brush, new scissors, freshen up~
12. Play around – release your inner child.

Love to hear what works for you to keep your creativity fresh.

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