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monday motivation – a labor of love

 “Summer Read” painting by Michael Steirnagle

Today is Labor Day and for many of us it marks the last day of rest or of a three day weekend prior to returning to school or to work.  With more and more people working at home, there is often a sort of blur over the definition of work time and leisure time.   One labor of love for me is taking time to recline with a good book or reading device.  Shutting off noise, finding a cozy spot with good lighting and getting to work to finish a book often sets an example to those around us that it is not after all, all about the labor but finding love in your work and appreciating the moments to appreciate a day like today, to lounge, sit back and perhaps find love in a book.

To each of you who labor at their craft of creating art, writing stories, painting paintings or dishing up a meal made with love, I am truly grateful for all that each of you do for the good of our economy and future generations.  Have you found love in your work?  I truly hope that everyone find’s the satisfaction of a job well done and honors it with a day of rest today.

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