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A walk in the Park

A walk in the ParkCentral_Park_New_York_City_New_York_23_cropped

Last week, whilst my sister, her husband and grandson were visiting, we had what I refer to as a bit of a “sizzle” going on.  A heat wave that showed no mercy.  With a smile on our faces and a good lather of cool, we headed out to tour Manhattan.  One spot that surely needs time to appreciate is that of Central Park.  The trees, the fountains, the bridges and all the beauty is astounding even on a hot day.400px-Bethesda_Fountain_in_2007

I am missing my visitors and being able to play tourist was a special time for me and my family too.  This week, with my head down, I need to accomplish some work and plan for my next visit to connect with my family in Kentucky.







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