Artful Living


Do you remember the lion that my friend Annette was painting?  Many of you have asked to share the finished masterpiece.  Well, “drum roll” – How proud am I of her for digging deep and finding the courage and bravery to do the work.  Now all he needs is a frame for this lion and then to hang this masterpiece in her son’s room.  I am so full of pride and joy for her.  It sends such a great message to her family as she really needed some validation.  To me, this is so symbolic, “Hear me roar!”  I kept encouraging her to do this for herself.  “Take time to create and live a more artful life for you.”

Can I pass along some en(courage)ment to Annette and tell her to keep painting.  I would love a series called “On Safari” –  What animal should she paint next?

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