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Happy Father’s day Dad


My Father is a remarkable Dad.  At 86 years of age, he reminds me to just love my children, “unconditionally.”

As a Father of seven, he ought to know.  He is one of nine children and the last living male standing strong for his sisters.  He is the founder of Paul’s Fruit Markets in Louisville,KY.  The business began in 1945 and is still thriving thanks to my brothers and sisters who carry it forward and keep it in the family.

I have witnessed my father laugh, cry and show his strength to keep on going.

One of the best memories of my visit last summer was showing up for Church and meeting he and my Mother in the front pew on the left hand side.  He cried when he saw me and I knew they were not sad tears but happy tears of love for me.  Another time was at a Family reunion, he allowed my daughter to face paint a “mustache” and I think secretly he never wanted to wash it off.  He walked me down the aisle 25 years ago and I shall never forget his grip and letting me go.  I thanked him for letting me go and move to New York.  As a parent, the best gift is the ability to let go but love.

 Love unconditionally.

I love my Father and give thanks for all his unconditional love and passion for life and for being the best Dad, well that is besides my own husband and Father-in-law.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by remarkable Fathers.   Give us this day, to honor all Fathers and show our love.

I love you Dad, unconditionally.

My Father

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