Artful Living

work with your hands

  I work with my hands every day.
I am thankful for my hands.
They serve me well.
Good for cleaning, creating art, holding babies, typing on the computer, writing lists and hugging.
They are also good for clapping and petting my dog, both of which provide good cheer and comfort.
One thing I am really trying to do in my upcoming new site is to show more of my work which is made with my hands.  As an artist, the internet is a wonderful platform to share work yet at times I feel that everything is so cleaned up and polished that the true craft of artwork or objects made by hand quotient gets lost.
I think of the hands that I capture too. 
 The hands that care for creatures, that do the home work and the hands that swing the bat, lift the bail and tow the line.
All the humble hand holding and hand shakes that exist each day in an effort to provide some sort of final agreement or closure.
I am so inspired by work that is made by hand.
Do you work with your hands?