Artful Living

the art of balance

 A dear friend congratulated me the other day, “You have finally achieved the art of balance.”
Well, not like this cat lady above but I do try to find balance every day.  Just when you think you’ve got it, things happen to throw you off your balance.  Life is a balance, right?

 I ask you how do you juggle life?  How do you balance everything?  

 Do you take time to hold on to friendships?  Do you take time out to play and have some fun?

 What about couple time and romance?  
Oh, and what about the babies, the children, work, fun?
How do you balance it all?
Sometimes life is truly like a circus.

Congrats to the Louisville Cardinals on last night’s winning game.
I thought about the players and how they balance the stress that must go with winning and losing.
Everything requires the art of balance, right?