Artful Living

smoothie sunday

Inspired by my dear friend Victoria, I welcomed my desire to increase my energy and vitality for life so I have challenged myself to be more committed to my most optimum health.  For the past year, I have watched a wonderful transformation in my friend by her dedication and passion to eating and drinking her way to good health. Yes, I eat healthy but after winter, I feel like I need to shed that winter coat for a leaner and lighter cloak for spring.

This morning I took our dog for our morning walk then came back home and created the most wonderful fruit smoothie after having a lovely glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon.  Took my walk and morning vitamins too.  As I walked, I breathed in and out and realized each of us deserve to find our best health and creative flow.  It all adds up to a smoothie Sunday.  You owe it to yourself to create peace and tranquility in your own sacred body every day, but Sunday seems like a perfect place to spend a smooth day.