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River Arts – day two

Welcome to my studio.  This is day two of the River Arts tour.
The home made cookies actually proved to be a big hit as were the fresh organic green apples.

 It felt great opening up my studio and welcoming so many lovely people who were so complimentary
of my space and work.  It was a huge boost of positive energy for me as well as the visitors.  I think I just may have inspired a few to pick up a brush and to make art a part of their life.

 My new chairs are from West Elm and they will be great for meetings with clients and students.

 I did need four hands to assemble them but I do love them, they are also stackable which is a bonus.

 There was a 45 minute wait at the local balloon shop so thank-you again Annette for picking these up and delivering them to my door.  Balloons always add a lift of joy to an entrance.  I popped my patio chairs and bright pillows for those who might need a seat after the climb up my hill.

 The tissue paper flowers and artwork adorned my window and added an air of playfulness.

 Visitors loved watching me work on this while they toured my space, I titled it “koi joy” – this pond was built by Julie of Monkey Grass Hill.  Did you know that koi ponds promote health and wellness?
Hope that those of you who did not make it yesterday, will come out today and pop in for a visit.  I’d love to have you.

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