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my day

Friday always has a sort of end of the day to the end of a long week feel to it and it is often a time when my husband and I finally have the chance to catch up on “my day.” We have a standing joke with one another and he often chuckles that -“Oh, yes Dear, I did read that on your blog.”

Last night I drove into the city with my daughter to meet “Mr.PvE” (as I often like to call him) for the New York Auto Show which was fantastic.  If you want to go check out fashion, fast cars and fun – then go there.  It seems “matte” finishes are all the rage and the color orange and even purple for cars
is kickin it big time.  I plan to work on some sketches from my visit there.  It was fun to sit inside the cars and look at all the gadgets.

Now enough about my day, “how will you be spending your day, Dear?”  I would love for you to tell me all about your day, you just need to start that blog now.  Oh, and Dear, if you did not see my “interview” on the River Arts blog, you might want to read that too.  Oh, and thanks for a great dinner at Taboon.

one of my favorite artists Dorrance