Artful Living

monday motivation – new growth

 As I mentioned to you last week, I am in the midst of my web site re-design which I could not be more excited about.  Over the years, I have grown in many ways but always been committed to the spirit of living artfully.  It does require constant attention and change to keep things fresh in order to allow for new growth.

The change of seasons have always provided inspiration for my work as well as many other artists and tastemakers who left an indelible mark in my heart.

Each time I visit a local nursery or green grocer, I am lured inside to bring home something so full of life and new growth.  I think of my artwork and how it directly correlates to the anticipation of the change of seasons and how we prepare for embracing new life ahead.  The colors found in nature tempt me and I am curious as to how I can capture the freshness and intensity.

Spring is a time of “new growth.” Fresh greens inspire me to eat fresh veggies and bring home green plants and create my garden.
We are anticipating warmer temperatures this week so a trip to the local nursery is on my list.  Spring is a time to de-clutter and freshen things up.

What sort of new growth has you inspired to create, to blossom and begin a fresh new start?