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monday motivation – laughter

Laste week our dog chased a skunk.  Yes he did and you know what he got.  He gave us a gift of the most horrid stink you can ever imagine.  I still smell it.  It’s in my nostrils, in my head, in my home – even after numerous baths, cleanings and good smelling candles and every other potion prescribed.  I was told bowls of vinegar, bowls of coffee and each day when Mr. Pve would arrive home, I would greet him with “Do you smell it?”  To which he would reply, “Smell what.”

I could not decide if I should title this post stinker but that word truly does not bring motivation to mind so I chose the word laughter.  Do you remember “Pepe la Pew” and how his love for a certain feline was an obsession.

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