Artful Living

monday motivation -good energy

How is your energy today?  
Is it good or does it need a little motivation to make it better.  Is there an accessory that makes you happy?  Do you have an “amulet” or a sort of lucky charm that you wear and notice it brings good luck where ever you go?
Take the time to set up a little table top with items that will bring you good energy.
It could consist of found objects that are meaningful.
Light a candle.
Is there a sprig of some sort of living energy?  A green plant or a bowl of fruit?
Does it have heart and soul?
 It all starts with you and you can create the sort of shrine to good energy in your home.
I am adding this work of art to my “good energy” quotient.  I cannot wait until it arrives.  I am going to share more about this special artist in a post on tuesday.
I am also in love with this work of art found here -and the arrangement of books, files and lamps.
Notice that the shades are not the same size, nor are the lamps a pair.  I think it adds to the collective energy of the space.
Take a look around you and create good energy.