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nitty gritty garage

 I truly have the best husband who takes great pride in his garage and each spring he takes everything out and vacuums the garage.  Yes, he does.  He rearranges, tosses, donates, organizes everything.

The peg board used to be brown when we moved in and I painted it white.  We keep our gardening tools there.  The garbage cans, recycling are all there.  I snapped this image before recycling.
Our old fridge came down here and comes in handy if we need extra space.

All the skis at the end of ski season are waxed, tied and stowed until the following winter.
I found a new Christmas box for stowing ornaments on sale with a coupon for $3.00 so the plastic one here will be for storing misc.  I need to wash it out and re-label.

Charcoal at the ready and a bucket of lanterns at the ready for dinners on the patio once Spring comes.
I know part of my mission is to create, design and inspire an artful life but how could I not share the nitty gritty garage.  
I know it is insane, right.  

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