Artful Living

monday motivation – the push

 Last week, I tried something very motivating that I would like each of you to try. 
 I gave myself a push.  
Yes I did.

I had been busy for three weeks taking care of our daughter to get her well again and when she went back to school, I decided that I needed to really make a push to see some results.  Then I found this push pack and was wishing that something like this existed twenty years ago when I was pregnant with our twins.
I guess each of us need our own sort of push pack when we need to make something happen.
After all preparedness, persistence, perseverance are all part of what it takes to make the push.

 How incredibly clever to have this “push pack” all ready to take with you for the push!  Everything you need to stay motivated to do the work, well the labor – no pun intended.

What sort of push pack would you need to get you motivated to make something happen?  What essentials would be packed?  Can you imagine how much easier one’s work would be with everything pre-packed.

This week, I am going to create my own sort of push pack to inspire you to design, create and inspire an artful life.  What would be in your push pack to motivate you?  Persist until something happens.

Now that’s what I am talkin about!