Artful Living

good manners

pve design- illustration for Sheridan Road Magazine

My children know that their father and I take great pride in instilling good manners, especially at the table.  Over the years we have had many young guests join us at our table and I am often surprised at how some youngsters do not know how to properly hold a fork and knife.  I take pleasure in educating them about the finer things and how in past cultures that your upbringing was not only a sign of your education but also a sign of good social behavior.

Trying new cuisine is also something we highly encourage in a society that seems to cater to children with a limited menu of chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.  Tasting new foods, trying new things instills a sense of confidence as well as adventure.  Our children love Mussels, Lobster, Escargot, and realize how fortunate they are to have such delicacies.

We do have a few rules in our home such as no hats indoors and no cell phones during meal time. (unless an emergency requires a pick up!)  Do you abide by any rules to reinforce good manners in your home and do you feel the need to influence others with proper etiquette?  It is after all an art of fine living.  Having good manners is after all being open to share one’s best behaviors, is it not?  Do you reward good behavior?

One gal who is all about Gracious Living and the art of living with good etiquette is Mindy Lockard.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Mindy and she even came to our local school for a morning of good manners and tips for good behavior.