Artful Living

glass half full – in the studio

I have always had a “glass half full” optimistic outlook.  My very own artfully etched PvE glass was created for me by another sunny side up blogger “Everything LEB” which she sent to me with the most wonderful woodsy colored pencils.

Each week, I will post more behind the scene images from my art studio where I work.  Firstly, the light I must tell you is breathtaking.  I face south and get full sun.  I don’t know about you but as much I love the northern light, I adore the sunshine and a glass half empty point of view.  Actually my glass is more than half full and for that my works of art thank you.  I always make sure my water is clean and clear for the most colorful works.

Tell me, are you a glass half empty or glass half full kinda person?
I am incredibly grateful for such kindness from bloggers that I have never met but feel I know so well.
Thank-you Lindsay for my lovely PvE glass.