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welcome creativity

Welcome.  Allow me to introduce you to Rebecca Atwood.
Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca at the “Business with Intention” workshop in Brooklyn given by Jess Lively, at the time she was Jess LC.

 How wonderful to hear the dreams and desires of others and be able to welcome fresh creativity.  Rebecca has launched her new site and soon will be opening her on line shop with her designs.

 I love her relaxed aesthetic and flair for creating prints, patterns and joy.
Rebecca possesses a contagious smile and her voice is like silk, she has such a lovely way about her and her sister Grace too.

Please welcome creativity into your life, your home and take time to thank those that take time to honor their work with us as they build a business with intention.
Welcome Rebecca. 

Wishing you much joy and happiness in your artistic and creative business.
May all of your intentions drive every dream.