Artful Living

monday motivation – le menu

 There is something so inspiring and motivating to me about dining out and perusing the menu.  My taste buds immediately start to salivate of the combinations of flavors and textures.  I love a simple menu and decided to do a weekly menu for my family.

I began by collecting a list of favorite dishes that my family loves.
Then I gathered some menus from local spots we love and began creating my menu and shopping list.
Bingo.  My intent to design, create and inspire and artful life suddenly elevated our meal time to an art form.
 I tend to think of food seasonally so I have created a winter menu for our family.  
Comfort foods, chicken pot pie, mac n cheese, braised beef shanks, ragu’s, pastas and plenty of fresh salads adorned with fruit, nuts and home made vinaigrette.

 Here’s one that I found on line, you can certainly create your own list that works for you.

 Simplified Bee had posted these which can be ordered here at Whitney English.

 Start by gathering the freshest ingredients.  Clean your kitchen before you begin and enjoy yourself as you cook.  It is remarkable how much more inspiring meal time can be and how much one can save if you have everything to start with.