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monday motivation – consistency

It takes practice and consistency to get up and repeat something we have done again and again.
It’s far easier to just give up but we are what we repeatedly do.
So much of what I do requires that my efforts are consistent when I draw or paint.  Some people might refer to it as a certain style but it really does come from doing the same thing over and over.  Finally it clicks and I begin to see the subtle benefits.
I had not even noticed that the first image and this image is in fact the same quote but it looks so different, right?  We need to pay attention to the details for consistency to be beneficial.
Nothing is achieved without consistency and when we understand that we can start to realize that our actions begin to pay off over time.
I plan to work on being better at applying continuous effort rather than thinking I needed to be stronger or smarter.  Truly, just daily actions, good habits and repetition all help with unlocking our potential.  The effort we put forth pays off.  It’s easier for me to tell that to my children than it is to follow this my self but I am going to practice what I preach.

I’d love to know if you would like for me to continue to post more of monday motivations?

What is one thing that you are consistent with doing?  
Has it paid off for you?  Does consistency motivate you?
I would really love to know.
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