Artful Living

brave choices

 Indeed, life does take bravery.  When one thinks of all the choices one has to make with each step, it does require lots of give and take.  If you can narrow down your choices in life, then it seems a bit less scary.

At this time, I think of all the seniors who are waiting to hear on college acceptances, on Mother’s waiting on births and on others who might be waiting on the job offer.  I think of my Father waiting for my Mother to come home.  Often there are choices that we cannot control and then we have to rely on bravery.

How do you stand tall as choices in life come your way.  Do you give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got.  I have a few choices coming my way and I intend to give it all I have got.  I hope that all the choices in your life give you strength, focus, clarity and a place to start with a renewed sense of bravery.