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sunday sparkle

Grinch got your glitter?
 I felt dull and lifeless after the tragic happening last friday and my heart aches but it surely does not mean that my right to shine and sparkle needs to be darkened.  
Each of us need to feel motivated to shine, to radiate joy and to find our inner gift to light our day.
Everyone deserves to sparkle.
A little glitter, a sequin, some star dust….
 That joy, that thing that makes us glitter is for life and not just for Christmas.
Just like the Grinch who tried to take away every bit of joy, he soon realized that he could not squash the spirit or sparkle of Christmas.
 Even the simplest brown paper package wrapped with a glitter ribbon takes on new meaning.
 An sparkly snowflake on top of an all white sweet cupcake suddenly sparkles.
 A glittery sparkly top can help to get ones shine on.
How do you add a sparkle to your day and to those around you when Grinch seems to be working hard to take it all away?