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monday motivation – memorial

Here we are on the final day of December 2012.  Indeed it falls on a monday and once again each of us need to find our own motivation but I do hope that my artwork makes you think of certain motives to create, design and inspire an artful life.  In the midst of creating art for others, I am reminded by all the works and how they serve as a memorial to celebrate life and cherish each day and every creature.

Many works of art can serve as a memorial or a tribute to a person, place or thing.  This illustration of a particular cat named Buddy was a commission that a client gave for a holiday gift.  Memories of loved ones do deserve a memorial.

A work of art can serve as a memorial of all of the years of love spent devoted to one another.

Do you have a sacred or holy corner in your home dedicated to the memory of a person, place or thing that might motivate or inspire you?  In many cultures, a sort of shrine as you enter your home can create a respect for life and in a way give honor to your own life.  Fresh fruit, flowers or a candle to light can add so much to one’s day as we connect with those that have gone before us.

Wishing each of you a splendid day this last monday of 2012.   Take time to create a memorial with photos, artwork or mementos to honor those that were a part of your life.  I will be back in the New Year to bring you more mondays full of motivation, artwork that you can create, inspiration and of course my own art which motivates me each day.