Artful Living

monday motivation – deck the halls

There’s no place like home for the holidays, especially a new home.
 A new home and the holidays are very motivating.
A house to decorate, the tree to trim, the poinsettia’s to plant, the gifts to wrap and the holiday cards to sign seal and deliver.
The image of this special home is all decked out for the holidays and ready to celebrate.
As an artist, creative license is motivating, I added the garland, the poinsettias and the scarlet ribbons.
The square pillars are all wrapped up to look like boxed gifts with red ribbons.
Do you find the holidays motivating?
Are your halls decked out and ready to celebrate?
Cheers to you and your home all decked out!

Thrilled with my client’s wonderful testimonial;
“It’s not often when your antique dealer, florist, accountant, grandmother and sister-in-law agree unanimously on something, well, they all have plus every other person we sent our custom drawn PVE Christmas cards to! They all loved, loved them! Through your artwork, you have captured our hopes, dreams, and especially the spirit of our home and of us. Thank you for introducing our new home with your gifted hands and mind.”