Artful Living

keep the faith

Cardinals can bring color and vitality into our lives.
  • As the cardinal red color is symbolic of faith, so it can remind us to “keep the faith” though circumstances might look bleak, dark and hopeless.
Their crimson color can remind us of the importance of ourselves as individuals in the 
circle of life.
I am having this watercolor done by Ellen Hopkins Fountain printed for Holiday cards for her as a gift.
If you are interested in purchasing them please let me know.
The cards are 5 x 7.  Envelopes are red or white.

Ellen has inspired me in many ways and recently had some surgery which required a lengthy recovery and I witnessed her faith and strength carry her.

The charming red bird house provides a beacon of hope snuggled amidst the wintry branches.
Have you spotted a cardinal?
It does capture my attention, take time to see a cardinal and feel the vitality of the crimson cloak.
Keep the faith.