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in the raw

 On Thanksgiving day, one guest brought a beautiful raw kale salad that she literally massaged with lemon juice, garlic, onion, mirin rice wine, olive oil, salt and served as a side dish.  It was an incredibly refreshing companion to many traditional thanksgiving sides.  Another guest brought a raw salad with the most lovely dressing.  Both salads were a refreshing addition to a Classic Thanksgiving.

One dear guest and wonderful (blog) friend began her journey of eating “in the raw” several months ago and the benefits have been amazing to watch as well as be inspired by this lovely lady.  She has lost weight, has more energy and has embraced eating raw as a way of life.  The other guests were all a bit envious of her svelte and sexy figure in her stunning little black dress.  Here she is with her daughter who complimented her mother on her discipline and transformation.  Did I mention she is the Mother of four children?

I think a good way to start with eating more raw is to replace a meal with a raw salad.  As we enter into the holiday season and plates of sweets tempt each of us, dedicating one meal to raw, green, freshness will add vitality to your body and mind.  Perhaps you might be interested in eating raw, please visit “Art House Design” – Victoria will be happy to inspire you by adding raw radiance in your life, your diet and your home.