Artful Living

October good and evil

 October is a month full of goodness.  
Good warm things to eat and share with family and friends.
As we spend more time inside, we find the time to enjoy slow roasted stews, soups and roasted meats.
hmm. hmm. good.

 Then there is the mean and evil bad part of October that very often is just girls being mean and excluding one girl.  It always seems to be around Halloween.  It might even have something to do with the entire costume scene of one person feeling excluded.
I have a 13 year old daughter so I feel like an authority on mean girls.

It is not only the evil that comes out in girls, boys can turn on their devilish charm too.  Imagine a young man invited to a wedding just bringing along eight uninvited guests to a wedding party without notice, and think they were just being good.  It sounds familiar, right?

Is it me or does October bring out the good and the evil near you?

all illustrations created for Sheridan Road Magazine