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class act

Every day, I receive updates and information about various products, brands and auctions all vying for my attention.  Mind you I do censor what I feel is worthy of sharing with you.  You know when to open certain e-mails that would make you cringe and are totally unacceptable in my book, however
when this e-mail from Corfield Morris subject title read  “Form is temporary, Class is permanent” – I knew that I needed to share this one.

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (1727-1804)

Four partially draped figures

In a world of uncensored products and periodicals, I constantly choose to take the high road and associate myself with a certain class, one that is decent, noble and most of all respectable.  Perhaps I strive for high standards and an air of modesty and find partially draped figures less offensive than full frontal nudity.  Take the above work of art which is elegant, timeless and classy.  Is not the human form permanently full of class?
While I may never find myself behind the wheel of a vintage Aston Martin or in the arms of agent 007 or the subject of a partially clad model for an advertisement or nude life model,  I can and will strive to associate with class acts.  I am not a snob but I really find many advertisements offensive and vulgar and having little or no class.  There seems to be no regard for spouting off four letter profanities with no hesitation, it’s as if it were cool to cuss and spew words that as a child would have been met with a bar of soap and a full mouth washing of such germs.

Is it me, or is it the world today become numb to class and just covets the bad boy sort of image which I refer to as  déclassé. 

Do you prefer class acts or value shock and awe advertisements?