Artful Living


 Last week, I gave myself permission to spend some time alone in quiet contemplation. 
It was truly by design that this moment of inspiration was created for me to find peace.

After watching a film with some wonderful women one evening, “Daughters of Wisdom” – a documentary about Tibetan Nuns living in a monastic life.
I was reminded by the power of embracing acceptance.
  Granted, it was a hard concept however I chose to give it up and the peace manifolded in this action was not only freeing, it felt like a huge lift to my imagination and creative spirit.
Immediately, I felt as though there was this golden ray surrounding me like the warmth of a canopy of autumn leaves.
  If you are looking for answers, try to focus on the disturbance and replace it with silence.
 Know that everyone in this lifetime is not free from worry, from suffering, from judgement but if we seek serenity it shall happen.
Serenity comes in accepting the things that we may not be able to change.
Celebrating life, restoring order, giving thanks, breaking bread and simply embracing and accepting life
adds love and joy.
It felt like a kiss of peace.
Find time alone.
What would you contemplate? 
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