Artful Living


Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my dear friend Victoria of Art House Design.  Nearly three years ago, we met via our blogs and were delighted to find out that we are in fact such close neighbors only living less than a mile from one another.  Meeting and getting to know Victoria has added so much to my life.  She finds joy in everyday life, be it a fallen branch, an unexpected visitor, a book or perhaps something that needs to be given a last chance of life.  She is nurturing, caring, kind, artistic and a mother of 4 and friend to many.  We both balance our lives as mothers, wives, friends, creators and meet as friends and supporters.

One thing I love is how we share our passions for creating an artful life and finding joy each time we meet.  Please wish my dear friend and neighbor a beautiful birthday.  If you need help styling your home or if you are considering a raw diet, please contact Victoria.  When I think of Victoria, I think of vibrancy radiating such magic.  Darling lady and dear friend, warmest wishes to you for a year full of vibrancy, joy and sparkle.

image from Art House Design