Artful Living


 A partnership is all about investing in each other

Good partners know it is all about respecting individuality.
While good partners may not always see eye to eye, working toward
a common goal does keep things interesting and moving forward.
Partners need shared interests or hobbies to find happiness.
Something as simple as sitting in the sunshine can bring smiles.
These chairs look like as though they are smiling, right?
Some of the most important tips to a lasting partnership are;
          1.  Always greet each other at the start of the day as well as at the end of the day.
  • 2.  Never go to bed angry and always kiss one another good night.
  • 3.  Always provide an open heart and room to listen.
  • 4.  Good partners need shared interests.
  • 5.  Make time to remember the little things.
  • 6.  Plan ahead to have things to look forward to, it could be something as simple as a walk, a concert, a movie, reading together, taking a trip.  Planning ahead can add years to any partnership.
  • 7.  Refresh.  All couples need time to refresh and feel invigorated.  Everyone feels better and looks better after a nice bath or an invigorating spa treatment.  
  • 8.  Sit down with one another.  We do spend so much time rushing around in this life that sitting with one another gives couples time to relax.  It might be in the car or on a plane but taking time to sit next to each other is important.

Feel free to leave a comment about one tip that you and your partner find adds to your years?
Sharing is good.