Artful Living

sea change

 What a treat to share a delicious tray of oysters from CRU, Nantucket’s Premier Oyster Bar.
I love artfully created spaces.
Especially one’s near water.
They are treasures.
Even powdering one’s nose is a delight, nautical navy tile, sail cloth receptacles for hand towels.
Shells artfully hung.  Elements of the sea are refreshed and purified.
There seems to be a profound sea of change going on in some posh sea side spots. 

 Having had the pleasure of dining on oysters and one the best fish sandwiches ever, certainly made for a notable meal as well as the artfully designed Cru in Nantucket by the firm of Gauthier Stacy.  Nautical sails hung from the ceiling, canvas chairs, brass accents, wood, white and clusters of glass pod fixtures all gathered to create a positively chic spot.  Long are the days of seaside shanteys and only fried fisherman’s platters served in plastic baskets.

I am always inspired by change which is refreshing, artful and simple.  What sort of change has inspired you this summer?