Artful Living

wednesday – want to be

I had the great pleasure of teaching this young lady who traveled to my studio from several states away.
It was arranged months in advance as she is the eldest of three and the lesson was sandwiched in the middle of a summer vacation.  Her lovely Mother has been a devoted blog reader and client and wanted her daughter to have the lesson to look forward to.
Today is wednesday want to be day and I wonder how many readers out there are doing what they wanted to be or not?  I had a teachable moment and realized how fortunate I am to being doing what I want.  I did spend years in fashion design which brought me to New York but after I began my family, I realized the value of being there aligned more with my intention so my free-lance and design work started while my own children were little.  
Looking into the eyes of this young girl, it made me remember how much art meant to me as a young girl.  It still means so much to me and to be doing what I want – sharing my art, teaching and giving inspiration each day here on the blog.
Are you a wannabe or are you living your life and doing as you were intended?
What is holding you back from the person you want to be?
Are you allowing yourself time to create?
Your life is your design.
Do you need lessons in order to be what you want?
Please be honest and share with me.
Are you a wannabe or are you working towards doing what you want to be?