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monday motivation – cooler than me

 Do you ever feel that everyone is cooler than you, dawg?
 At the business with intention workshop, this adorable gal said, 
“I feel like what I am doing is for the cooler than me person that I really am.  I am so not that person.” Thanks Grace for opening up and sharing that.  It really meant a lot to me.  
 What is it that makes someone cooler than you
  You know what I am talking about.  I feel it everyday.  I know you do too.
Are the cooler than you things motivating or annoying?
 Could it be that they just have a way cool story bro?
Lots of fans, followers, friends on facebook, through the roof hits on their awesome site, tons of traffic, big time sponsors?  Major awards?  Awesome DIY’s?  Latest techno gadget?
Bigger pecs, washboard abs?
 Is it that designer bag that makes them cooler than me and you?
Is it in the water?
 You know who I am talking about, right.
They just have style and pepper.
They have the cool thing going on and then you meet them and they are just as nice as they are cool.
 Some people are cooler than me.
Some people are funnier than me too.
But, there is something about those people…..when we’re together, we’re cooler.
I was so moved by Annechovie’s post today and her so called glamourous weekend.  
I can relate to living the so called glamourous life.
We all need to stop comparing cool and just be.
That in itself is motivating, right!