Artful Living


There is a spot nearby which has been in business since 1955.  
“Candlelight Inn” is known for it’s hot wings and landmark red buildings.

Nothing fancy, just a local spot to unwind and enjoy a bucket of hot wings, a cool beverage and lively conversation.  There is always a wait, a line and a crowd.  If you do go, make sure you bring cash as they only accept cash.

The owner contacted me to illustrate his business buildings to have printed on a post card after he had seen one from another local business that I illustrated.  It was a series of back and forth and juggling life in between.  I tweaked and fine tuned the artwork until it was approved.  Finally the above artwork was completed and ready to be used for advertising and marketing.

Although mail comes in many forms, businesses are always looking for ways to send out mailers or e-mails to let their customers know of sales or of special events.  It is amazing to think that some businesses I have been creating for since there were only a handful of shops and little by little they have grown to many many shops.  I love knowing that many companies are still burning the candlelight to grow their businesses.  If you are in need of artwork for mailers or marketing, feel free to contact me.