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per se

 My husband shall be dining tonight like a king. 
 It is not the fact per se that I am jealous that he will be dining at Per se in New York, it is the fact that I will not be by his side to taste the artfully and skillfully prepared cuisine.
Thomas Keller has devoted his life to creating food to make people happy.

My husband has devoted his life to banking and solving problems.  Very often those problems require long hours, countless meetings, conference calls and more.  
Rewards in the form of sharing an elegant meal accompanied with thoughtful wines, I can think of nothing better.  (Well, I can think of something better, me being there!)
If you want to invest in a beautiful book, The French Laundry Cookbook is simply exquisite.  
I am hoping that there will be a small “doggie bag” brought home for me.
I can’t wait to hear all about his dining experience.
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